Project Guna

The story of Guna


  • 30 girls find a home here

  • Their parents usually cannot provide for them

  • Sister Regi is currently taking care of bringing up the girls, educating and caring for them

  • They are allowed to stay in "Chetana" until their wedding

What does the future of Guna hold?

  • In order to ensure better education and living, a new floor shall be built

  • With space created for learning, access to computers Shall be given

  • We also hope to find new space for home-grown food

  • Room for washing as well as sanitary facilities will be accommodated

We need your support!

Support association Elisabethschwestern

Carrying the God of Love

within us, in order to

give selflessly

Phone: +49 (0) 761 / 3887-128

IBAN:  DE05 6809 0000 0033 1491 07


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