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The sisters are there for the people every day with heart and dedication. They work in schools, boarding schools, kindergardens, in village development, in pastoral care as well as accompanying HIV patients and people with physical disabilities.





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The Elizabethan Sisters work in numerous communities, villages and cities in India. They work in large, tumultuous cities as well in the most remote and rural areas in order to give perspective to the people there. 


Success Stories

We do not write history - we write the future

Here in "Chetana" 30 girls find a home. They are educated, brought up and grow up in a secure environment. 

In Jamili, 250 children are taught and raised. It is one of the poorest areas of Madhya Pradesh.

70 girls and 50 boys are accommodated and taught here in Jaisinagar and return to their parents during the holidays.


Gerhard Kempter

Amazing how much one‘s view of the world can change in such a short time - my highest respect goes to the work of the sisters in India & Freiburg.

Schwester Regi

Transformation of the present Indian society which is strong in its culture and tradition is possible through the children who have high thinking and human concern. So the education and formation of the children is our priority.

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Carrying the God of Love

within us, in order to

give selflessly 


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