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Jamili project

The story of Jamili

  • 250 children are raised and taught here

  • Parents can come every Sunday

  • 190 boys are led by Father Joseph

  • 60 girls are under the protection of the sisters

  • All are taught together

What does Jamili's future hold?

  • Classrooms and bedrooms are available, but quite small

  • A weather-protected place is needed to wash, especially in the rainy season

  • The greatest priority has a water tank in which the water can be stored for the months February to September (size approx. 13x30 feet), the cost of the tank approx. 8000 €

  • Currently, water is purchased for 200 rupees / 2000 liters of water. Around 1000l are used per day

  • Is under control of the diocese

  • Sisters look after the girls, the man take care of the boys

  • Girls building is very small

  • 250 kids are being thought and raised here, their parents come every Sunday to see them, wash them and give them the little they could spare that week. 190 boys are under the lead of priest Josef, the 60 girls (visibly in better shape and with better clothing) are under the supervision of the sisters. They are all being thought together at school. The classes and the office of sister Alien (head mistress) is also particularly small regarding the number of students. The sleeping rooms are in a solid house, but very enclosed, the girls study in their beds and could need a proper place for studying (even though the hall could be used as a multi purpose building). A proper place or shed protected from sun and rain for washing the laundry could be of good use - As well as a water talk of about 13x30 feet in order to store the river water for the months from February to September. Currently they are buying the water for a price of 200 rupees per 2000l of water. Per day, they need 1000 liters of water. A tank would cost around € 8,000.

We need your support!

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