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This is how you can support us

There are many ways to give, the most important thing is taking the first step



We are always looking for new, competent members. Help us by actively participating in changing in the world.

Like donations?

Our sponsorship


Support one of the 30 girls in their goals and dreams


As long as the children are young, give them roots.

When they get older, give them wings.


Indian proverb

Bobbele certificate

The Freiburg Bobbele certificate

Were you born in Freiburg?
Were you born in the St. Elisabeth Hospital?
Then you are a real Freiburger Bobbele!

Get yourself the official certificate!

The most important dates of birth and a copy of your original birth report are printed out on a marbled A4 cardboard box. The document will come in a nice pocket with a representative cover picture.


The certificate can be acquired for a contribution of 35 euros .
In accordance with the statutes, the proceeds from the bobble certificate are used for the St. Elisabeth Sisters' projects in India.

Become our partner

Become a partner

Taking responsibility is a matter of course for your company? Do you want to invest in a better future? Do you want to give children access to education, give them the chance of a good future?

We have many options for you to implement this!

Help us to create a world worth living in, let people in India participate in the success of their company.

Share your luck, it will double!

Your help is a positive signal of responsibility, credibility and trust for your customers, your employees and the general public.

Whether a company acts socially responsible is becoming more and more recognized and is playing an increasingly important role - for example in purchasing decisions or the choice of future employer.

There are many ways you can support us. In order to be able to give a future, you can get involved with a one-time project or donation in kind. Another option is to donate permanently to enable reliable help for people in India.

Together we will find exactly the way that suits your company. Find out more below.

One-time donation

There are many ways to support us with a one-time donation. In this way you remain flexible and donate only when it suits you. Regardless of whether you support a selected project, let us allocate your donation or support us with donations in kind, every donation counts and helps to create a better future!

Permanent donations

With regular donations, you help us to plan projects and implement them. Whether as a private person, small company or as a large corporation, with your long-term support you will reliably accompany people in India so that they can live more healthy and safer lives.

Of course you can deduct your donation for tax purposes.

We need your support!

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