Jaisinagar project

The story of Jaisinagar


  • 70 girls and 50 boys are accommodated and taught here

  • Father Figo takes care of the boys, the sisters of the girls

  • They return to their parents over the holidays

What is the future of Jaisinagar?



  • The children are allowed to live in the hostel for an annual contribution of X rupees, approx

  • The children are taught by the sisters and other "teachers" who engage the sisters

  • New sanitary facilities for the children would be particularly important here, as there are only 5 toilets for the 70 girls

We need your support!

Support association Elisabethschwestern

Carrying the God of Love

within us, in order to

give selflessly 


Phone: +49 (0) 761 / 3887-128

IBAN:  DE05 6809 0000 0033 1491 07


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